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Nettleton Footwear, Not Just a Pair of Shoes But an Investment!

Published by Nettleton

We love getting these notes from past clients. Be watching for more of them. We would like to hear from you as well. Thanks…

Back in the mid 70’s I purchased two pair of Nettleton shoes from your factory store in Syracuse, a black brogue and a brown wingtip. I love those shoes, wore them until they fell apart. My repair store guy told me that the last wingtip heel/sole replacement was the “last” one he could do. I thought that Nettleton was gone until I found you on-line today. Those were the best shoes I ever had. I wore them through the 90’s and into the beginning of the new century. I would love to replace them if I can. They were a brown grained leather with a cord around the sole. I think I paid $150 back then. Do you make them still? In the USA? What is the cost? Thank you.

David Cunningham

Livonia, MI 48153

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