Nettleton Shoes Since-1879 Ads Throughout The Years

Ads Throughout The Years

Nettleton Shoes Since-1879 Ads Throughout The Years

We are very fortunate to have a broad range of advertising collateral in our archives. Some of the earliest pieces date back to the late 1800’s. Of particular interest are pieces by Bert Stern and Louis D. Fancher.

Bert Stern continues to produce art and advertising pieces from his studios in New York. He developed and produced our Mr. Nett series of advertisements in the 1950’s and 1960’s. At the time of their production they were iconic pieces and a mix between abstract images and conventional ad photography.

In addition to these masterpieces of American advertising art, we are fortunate to have fabulous pieces by Louis D. Fancher. (1884 to 1944). Mr. Fancher was an influential American artist and illustrator, notable for his drawings that appeared in books, in magazines, and on propaganda posters during World War I.

We invite you to visit our website and enjoy a sampling of our pieces of advertising art by these masters and others.

A piece that we are especially proud of is a piece called the Five Thousand Mile Shoe. Dated 1921 this booklet was not a catalog of the shoes available from Nettleton at that time, but rather serves as a history of America at that time. We hope that you enjoy the pages of the booklet that follows.

Download Our “Five Thousand Mile Shoes” PDF

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