Nettleton Shoe Care Products

Nettleton Shoe Care Products

Take care of your Nettleton Footwear with this generous collection of shoe care products. Choose from Shoe Creams, Shoe Horns, Wax Polish, Leather Lotion, Horse Hair Brush, and Horse Hair Dauber Brushes.

Shoe Creams

Premium Shoe Creams combine natural oils, waxes, and pigments to restore moisture and color back to leather shoes. Shoe cream also gives a soft and natural shine on shoes. This is a fine cream. Net Weight. 1.55 oz. $5.95

Wax Polish

Wax Polish provides a long-lasting mirror shine with every use. Our blend uses the right amount of stain with a blend of all natural waxes. This is the ultimate Wax Polish. Net Weight 1.3 oz. $5.95

Leather Lotion

A premium quality leather conditioner and cleaner, containing carnauba wax and lanolin. Helps restore leather’s natural oils and prevents cracking caused by dryness and extended wear. Good for shoes, boots, luggage, handbags and all leather items. Net Wt. 6 oz.” $6.95

Horse Hair Brush

The finest 100% horsehair brush available, for use on all leather shoes. This professional 100% horsehair brush contains the maximum amount of horse hair to ensure a quick, deep and even shine to your shoes. A long lasting investment in the care of quality shoes. Brush length 6”.” $9.95 each

Horse Hair Dauber Brushes

Made with 100% horse hair, the soft bristle dauber allows the polish to penetrate into the leather that is being polished. $6.95 each

Price: $9.95

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