Personal Pair

Personal Pair

Personal Pair. Custom Luxury at Its Finest.

“I have 4 Personal Pairs that were made for me. Fabulous fit, finish and style.” – Mike Y, California

In addition to making our shoes for our U.S. in-stock programs, we have adapted our factory in to be able to manufacture our Custom Luxury Personal Pairs. You select one of our styles, choose the type and color of upper material you would like to use. You select the color of the thread and the lining which you would like for us to use. You have the choice of our leather outsole or a rubber one. Your name is hand-written inside this handcrafted shoe and initials stamped onto the outsole. All this made in 6 to 8 weeks with the Client. Call us for details: (314) 774-7800 or visit your favorite authorized Nettleton dealer.

Luxury at Its Finest

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