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About Nettleton Blue

"Nettleton Blue shoes are made to order and not considered in-stock. Each pair is handcrafted and given a final finish. Extraordinary footwear."

The Army of the United Kingdom has a history that spans hundreds of years. That history is very rich in tradition, heritage and service. Part of this history is the distinctive uniforms worn by the various regiments of this magnificent force. Each of the various styles of the uniforms tells a story that describes the duties, position and status of the troop. Each exquisite in its cut, style and colors.

As with any sensational and proper ensemble worn by a gentleman, footwear is a very significant element of this uniform. We have combined the best of the world of Nettleton Shoes and the British military history by presenting a new and fresh line of footwear. The new collection, Nettleton Blue by Nettleton Shoes was inspired by one of the pre-eminent bespoke shoemakers in the world and the creator of the Nettleton Blue brand conceived the design, earmarks and flourishes of this spectacular line.

In order to have the audacity of naming your product line Nettleton Blue, you must offer only the finest in quality, style and elegance. Our leaders, workmanship and designs have been gathered into a collection, which pulls together all the pageantry, prestige, history, class, and tradition that is Nettleton Blue.

Museum Finish

In our Nettleton Blue line you will find some of the uppers are done in a Museum Calf Finish. The calf leather receives a treatment before the final color is blended in. This gives a marbled appearance to the leather which gives it a lot of depth, a unique aged look.

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