Marian Back Satchel

Published by Nettleton

Grace Ferguson, Age 11, Designer  

Grace’s two year old younger sister, Alice Marie Ferguson, lay down for a nap in the morning of August 06, 2013. She didn’t awaken. 

Melissa, Grace, and Alice

Grace is an avid fashionista, she designed the exclusive, luxury BackSatchel in memory of Alice. And Nettleton Shoes is proud to offer it for $1,695.00. Grace decided the proceeds from the sale of the Marian BackSatchel should be donated to the Southern California Counseling Center (SCCC). Therapists at the SCCC are trained in modalities that can change the lives of families devastated by trauma. The Center was instrumental in helping Grace’s family cope with the loss of Alice. For more information on the SCCC contact Alyssa Johnson at

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