Button Hooked!

Published by Aya

I was just going through a bag filled with old lace nightgowns, panties, a satin bed cover and 2 antique fans. 

At the bottom of the bag was a silver metal object. 

It has a small hook at one end and an oval handle at the other.

I believe it is a button hook made for shoes from the late 1800's or early 1900's. 

On the reverse side, in raised letters, it says "Nettleton Shops". 

Dear Ed,

I'm glad you are appreciative of all the history behind your purchase of the business in '76. I love stuff like this - and it adds so much to the background information. 

So glad not to have just tossed it as that was my original thought when it appeared at the bottom of the bag with my mother's and grandmother's stuff. 

With everything so transient these days it is wonderful to celebrate the stories and memorabilia from the past.

I am happy to have contributed to your company's history.

All the best,


Grandma Edith - born on 1889

PS. Just an additional story about Grandma Edith - she and my grandfather were married in February of 1912 and sailed to Europe for their honeymoon. 

It was a combination business and pleasure trip as grandpa was a diamond merchant and had business in Amsterdam, which was their last stop. 

They then purchased 1st class tickets to New York on the Titanic! Much excitement about that but Grandma realized they would get to NY too late to help celebrate her parents anniversary. 

So...grandpa got on line behind Mr. Astor and exchanged his Titanic tickets for a ship that got them to NY in time for the party. 

Grandma lived to be 100. When she died in 1990 the New York Times printed her Titanic story.

The quality of your shoes is extraordinary and they are truly beautiful.
And it is nice to see that men still buy fine clothes and shoes. I am so tired of sneakers and t-shirts. 
Living in New York City we see everything, but when people go to theater or to a nice resturant dressed so casually I find it disrespectful and unattractive.
I guess I am old school! This has been great fun. 
?Isn't the internet wonderful?
Suzanne Weil

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