Why are Nettleton Shoes worth $795?

Published by Aya

Jeremy Kohrs owns a 42-year-old 1979 Nettleton Shoes - A Tasseled Loafer made with Teju lizard’s skin, the most popular material that they had at that time in addition to American Alligators.

Jeremy Kohrs: As far as getting these in top shape, what do you recommend for a lotion? Is a Brick more for exotics the way to go or do you have a tried and tried method?

 I must admit I am just learning about your company and its rich history, but have to say man those exotics are great.


Edward Tognoni (Nettleton Shoes Owner & President): Good Morning Jeremy, thank you for reaching out to us at Nettleton. I’m so pleased you found a vintage Nettleton that makes you happy.

I would make sure you use a soft lanolin cream on those shoes as a foundation and then use a regular cream polish with the color of your choice.


Jeremy Kohrs: Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me and teaching me about this amazing shoe. I hope all the best to you and I appreciate the history and passion you clearly show.

 I'm a younger man and it's a shame my generation leans to a disposable society when here I have a pair of your loafers from 1979 and they will continue for 40+ years with little effort and care.

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