7 Pairs of Nettleton?!

Published by Aya

(Some of the styles that Kevin Wisel bought from Nettleton. Warren, Dino, Tony, Madison.)

Kevin Wisel I just bought my 7th pair of Nettleton’s and I love every pair.

I am a 49 year old finance guy/investment banker that has worn suits and dress shoes my whole life.

As I have aged, my feet have changed and often hurt after a long day.

That is not the case with my Nettletons.

Every pair is consistently sized and once broken in are amazingly comfortable.

I have a variety of shoes including Di Bianco, Stefano Bemer, and Ferragamo,

so I appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of fine handmade footwear.

Clearly my Nettleton shoes do not have the same level of artistry as a Stefano Bemer, but also don’t start at $1,500.

Please keep up the good work, and you will keep me as a customer.



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