Nettleton Answers to “The Great Gatsby” Footwear Styles for Men

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Since our founding in 1879 we have had the good fortune to be a part of some of the most significant periods of history. In 1925 the iconic American novel “The Great Gatsby” was introduced. The action of this story takes place in 1922. Style and fashion were an important part of the American scene during this time. Nettleton was a part of that scene. For your enjoyment we have provided a few selections from our footwear catalog from the early 1920’s. Here you can see the styles of footwear worn during the Great Gatsby era. During this same period, specifically 1926 we provided then President Calvin Coolidge with his footwear. We have a letter in our archives on White House stationary to Nettleton signed by the president himself. We are and were part of the demands of style and fashion for gentlemen. We continue to bring you exceptionally crafted footwear, the styles and colors requested by discriminating gentlemen. Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Nettleton Styles of the Gatsby Era

The Saxon is all that can be desired for all occasions when dress shoes are required. Made in patent colt skin, buttoned black cloth top edged with black silk braid.

The “Ardsley” Oxford is a universal favorite with young men. Made in dark tan cordovan; dull finished black calf or medium shade tan calf.

The “Frisco“ is a high boot made of glazed kid with Blucher top. They are roomy, comfortable shoes, giving freedom to the toes.

Made with combination measurements through heel and instep, the “Beverly” last is deservedly popular with young and middle-aged men alike. The “Beverly” Oxford, is made in dark kid.

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